Amazing Baltic Cruises to Vilnius Lithuania 2011
During the 90s the Baltic States of Latvia and Lithuania became independent from was the former Soviet Union, followed by Estonia is 1991. Sovereignty opened the floodgates for tourists to pour into the area to discover the countries along the Baltic Sea and their historic capital cities and charming villages. You can get Baltic cruises from P&O Cruises that will port in my favourite eastern European state Klaipeda, Lithuania and then you can travel to the vibrant buzzing trendy capital Vilnius to party hard before you return to your luxury Baltic cruise.

This small town is the furthest north you can port in the Baltic and stretches along what is known as the Curonian lagoon. The city is the third biggest in Lithuania and for most of its years used to be German city called Memel and during the fighting of the Second World War was almost destroyed and in fact after the war it literally had a population of just size people. Its worth spending some time discovering the seaport of Klaipeda as many people will just venture on to greater larger cities of Lithuania, hence the following guide to getting to the capital Vilnius. But you need to spend some time and discover its nice sea restaurants, concerts halls and some museum and art gallerys away from the crowds of cities it is nice to have simple meal and drink with some friendly locals in a smaller setting. You can use Klaipeda as a base to explore the region and I highly recommend this, also of course as you will have your 400ft cruise liner docked in the port!

Getting to Vilnius
There is up to 15 trains daily to Vilnius from Klaipeda and is about 170km away and will take you around 3 hours by train, unlike the UK the trains are fast, on time and cheap! You will pay around £25 return an amount that barley gets you London to Brighton but here 170km, anyway I digress here is all about the wonderful city of Vilnius

When you get the city of Vilnius you will be blow away by its beauty it the cities citys baroque beauties! As a new member of the EU, Lithuania is very fast developing and as the capital was at the forefront for the push for democracy. This means that alongside the hills and amazing views, you really need to Hike up to the Gediminas Tower, you have a real party atmosphere and assortment of attractions. You can spend all afternoon jumping around the cities wonderful gallerys and art installations, get a nice drink and walk along the banks of the river Vilna. When it gets dark its time to rave it up in the top quality night clubs and bars, I suggest the Cafe de Paris bar for an early evening hang out all over the city. The clubs really are amongst the top in Europe with 6am finishes and top DJs from all over the world I recommend the Woo on Saturday night for some great tech house music its a fantastic party and you will be dancing all night long, so that is the plan party all night and get the train back to the cruise ship in the morning. So come on a great cruise to Lithuania and hope to see you on the Vilnius train home at 8am to!